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Week Beginning March 30th:

In this uncertain time in our world during the pandemic of COVID-19

Social isolation from others doesn’t mean isolation from God. God is still near us and loves us!

Paul wrote Philippians while he was in social isolation in a Roman prison.  His letter is full of encouragement.

1v4 ‘I always pray with joy’
4v4 ‘Rejoice in the Lord always.’
4v5 ‘The Lord is near.’
4v6 ‘Do not be anxious.’

The subject of  love, joy and rejoicing appears 16 times in his letter.

In spite of his social isolation he was so positive, knowing
that God loved him and was near to him. God is near to and loves us.

While in prison in Jerusalem Act23:11 God told Paul take courage, take heart and be of good cheer.

Stay safe and be blessed!

Love from all at Liberty Community Church!