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Welcome to Liberty Community Church.

Join us on Sundays at 11am. Our gatherings are special times together when our church family meet. We hear what God has to say to us in his Word, the bible and we respond in worship, prayer, and Communion where we remember the Lord Jesus, who gave His life for our Salvation. It is always a time of encouragement and challenge.

What can you expect when you join our Sunday Services?

First of all, we can promise you a very warm welcome, from the moment you arrive through to your departure.

Next, you can expect to join us in hymns of praise.  There will be a balance of more modern hymns as well as some of the older favourites.  The words of the songs are projected onto a screen, so you will not need to search through hymn books to find the right place.  Most of the congregation will stand to sing the hymns, but if you are more comfortable just sitting and listening to the music, then that is what you do.

There will be times for you to sit and listen. There will be a talk based firmly on the Bible and it is given to encourage, to teach, to inspire those in the congregation.

There will also be times of prayer.  It is normal for us to bow our heads and close our eyes so that we might focus on the words of the prayer.  You will not be asked to pray.  There are volunteers who do that for the church each Sunday.

An Offering is taken during the service for the financial support of the church. The offering also helps us support organisations, locally, nationally and overseas.

We would love to chat after the service and help you get to know us.


Our hope is that you will be blessed as you worship with us.

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Our Beliefs

We believe in the absolute sovereignty of God in all matters.

Vision & Values

Our ‘Vision’ is where, ‘with the eyes of faith’ we want to go as a fellowship to tell of Jesus